A Summer of Firsts! - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

This month's newsletter is dedicated to my first cousin Mary Ippolito Wegner who passed away this summer from a valiant and courageous fight with breast cancer.

If you blinked, you missed it. Where did the summer go. We wait through the cold and blistery winter months to embrace two short months of sunshine and warmth. And then...poof it is gone. Like all summers, we always have a few stories to share with friends: our vacations, visiting friends, festivals, family BBQ's or girl's weekends. My summer was a summer of firsts and I am calling it the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

Many of you know that I have an adorable four year old God-daughter Savannah. This summer she accompanied Auntie Adele on her first train ride and her first plane ride. Already a world traveler!  It was a first time experience for her. I got to experience sheer bliss, boundless enthusiasm and exuberant joy in her face. She consistently reminds me to enjoy each experience as if it was my first!

As well, this summer I booked my first cruise with friends that I have known since I was 16 years old. Next year will be the year in which all of us (including myself) will be turning 50 years old. I am excited, not only that I am going on my first cruise, but we have all made it to this age without a major illness or even loosing a life. The good is that we made it to half a century, albeit with a few aches and pains, but still relatively intact and breathing in life!

Unfortunately, that cannot be said for two women this past summer. Like all things in life there is a contrast of balance. With good, there is bad and this summer was no exception. One of our valued contributors to our Awakening the Workplace book, speaker and trainer Sandra Greenough, lost her battle with cancer. She was a first contributor in our book series who has passed away. As well, my cousin, kindergarten teacher Mary Wegner, passed away this summer. She was the first of all of us cousins that passed away and it affected all of us deeply.  Both women were young, vibrant and passionate women who were following their dreams. These two deaths certainly put things in perspective for me and that is: live in the moment, cherish your family and follow your passion. Simple!

But, out of bad, comes some good. Both have left a lasting legacy and have impacted and affected so many people. They will both be remembered with fondness and with great memories. With Sandra, she impacted on so many audiences with her speaking and Mary left a lasting impression with young children. Is there not a better way to be remembered?!

As I am now approaching the magic mark of 50...all of sudden, I have had more and more people blatantly tell me (to my face...I may add) how much better I can look. I have been told to try their new weight loss product or their natural anti-aging cream. First, I never asked. There is nothing wrong with sharing information but I never asked!  Secondly, as a voluptuous woman, they assume I must be incredibly unhappy with myself. Yes...I can stand to loose a few pounds (working on that), but I think I look pretty good for my age. The other day I was mistaken for 35! Have we forgotten how to have a real conversation, offering your opinion when it is only asked and being sensitive to others feelings?

Each summer brings us new experiences that we treasure and remember even if there are some good, some bad and some ugly. I guess that is life! With each recollection brings us new learning, as well as new gifts. As author Grenville Kleiser said, "Each summer brings us a lasting gift to add to the fullness of our experiences, to be treasured, savoured and remembered"!

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The answer to last month's "Who Said" statement 'if God wanted us to bend over, he would have put diamonds on the ground' was Anne Gamble of CollingwoodOntario. Congratulations! She correctly guessed the answer was sassy-mouthed comedienne Joan Rivers. Here is what Anne had to say upon winning:


"It was a pleasure participating in your presentation at the OHIMA Conference on May 9, 2008 and it was a very uplifting end to a great day. Your monthly newsletter has been very enjoyable, the articles are a quick read and very inspirational. It was also very exciting to have won a best selling leadership book and I look forward to reading it and your next newsletter.Love your newsletters! Diana Robichaud Newmarket Ontario


Great issue last month! Kerry Turcotte, Hamilton Ontario 


Interesting Newsletter. Especially loved the Section on Old Age and Wrinkles. I agree!  Just imagine going "back in time". No thank you. Been there, done that.  I have been fortunate and met men who accept the wrinkles!  On the other hand, there are ways for a woman to slim line their bodies, appear attractive, and feel confident physically.  And that is with UNDERWEAR! Joann McFadden, The Uptown Herald


Great article in last month's newsletter. Julie Christiansen, Niagara Falls, Ontario


Thank you so much for your newsletter on the power of Day-Dreams! It certainly struck a chord with me...As a 2 time cancer survivor, I totally agree with you - creative visualization and day-dreaming allowed me to create and live into my own now very healthy life! Keep up the Great Work Adele! Lorie Tokola Caledonia Ontario


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Thanks again for a couple of great sessions...lots of great feedback both on evaluations as well as via informal verbal feedback. Everybody was certainly sparkling after your presentation!  I was at EMS this morning and saw your Tiara proudly displayed! Some of the comments were: knowledgable instructor, excellent topic, 10+++ very inspiring, and wonderful session_among many other comments! Thank you! Mary Balfour, Education/Development Human Resources Manager, Regional Municipality of Niagara

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